How often have you come across the timeless saying, ‘manners maketh man’? This ancient proverb suggests that an individual’s character and social standing are shaped by their manners. However, it goes beyond mere etiquette, it is the core of what molds one’s character and influences others’ perceptions. This philosophy has been exemplified by gentlemen who […]

Lifetime Acetate Polish

Eyewear goes through a lot of wear and tear over the years. As you can see people use it for riding, working, commuting, or every moment. We agree that eyewear is necessary on various occasions. We do rely on eyewear to protect our eyes, but unexpected things do occur. Dropping, throwing, or unintentionally sitting on […]

Dare or Deals

As the new year approaches, people from various cultures commonly engage in the practice of setting resolutions for the upcoming year. There’s an underlying belief that this marks a temporal milestone in the calendar. Though not explicitly stated, many gentlemen who have faithfully adhered to their new year resolutions can be observed through the activities […]

Ride or Die

In bike circles, ride or die largely referred to a motorcyclist commitment to the love of riding. The freedom of the open road. The control that’s truly yours. The rush of meeting a kindred spirit on the asphalt. It’s no surprise that riding has become a global passion for many. Motorcycles, despite their rebellious image, […]


Do you believe you have the power to control your direction in life? We share these sentiments through the stories of the gentlemen who faced moments of despair driven by the desire for instant gratification. Yet, they managed to break free, choosing to rise, overcome obstacles, and pursue the seemingly impossible. They make us believe […]


Forming a band is not easy, especially maintaining it for 50 years. But, God Bless begs to differ. They have proven that their dedication and spirit continue to yield tangible results, validated by both old and young fans. This shows that they represent the endurance of a band that can transcend time. Indeed, a half-century […]

God Bless Through the Ages

Indonesia’s rock music scene, emerging in the 1960s and 1970s, experienced significant growth with the emergence of the legendary rock band God Bless. Their journey began in 1973, marking the birth of one of Indonesia’s most influential rock bands. Despite undergoing numerous lineup changes, exactly 15 times, God Bless eventually solidified with members Achmad Albar, […]

POTTER 2.0: The Power of Color

For a long time, black has been the go-to color for many gentlemen because of its versatility and adaptability to any outfit or occasion. However, for those who want to make a bold statement and express their individuality, exploring different colors can be an incredibly rewarding journey. There is no denying that color is a […]


Have you ever stumbled upon your grandfather’s old glasses? You might share the same sentiment—they still retain their sturdiness and have gained an enhanced elegance over time, making them a rarity in today’s world. The allure of nostalgia and an appreciation for quality and sentiment often lead us to seek out and collect treasures that […]

The Legacy of Mastery

The Legacy of Mastery

The world always runs at such a fast pace that we sometimes miss the little details. The true meaning of beauty has become more challenging to come by, so this time we want to give you a chance to slow down. We believe that craftsmanship is the gateway to rediscovering the essence of beauty. Through […]