On Not Believing in Limits

Everyone has a dream. Even as you’re reading this and your mind goes no, I don’t have one, you still do. You are just too afraid to admit having one. Now, here lies the difference: everyone has dreams, but not everyone dares to realize them. Our minds are powerful. The things we do, and by […]

Heri Dono: On Art, Science, and Everything in Between

There is a particular sense of serenity upon entering Heri Dono’s Studio Kalahan. Its serenity, however, is laced with a bit of eeriness because there are so many mannequins you could’ve easily mistaken as a person. Inside Studio Kalahan are three buildings worth of archives of Heri Dono’s artistic journey. The artist himself welcomed us […]

Suwarno Wisetrotomo: The Man of Many Hats

“This is my hat collection. A few of them are gifts from friends and colleagues. They know what to bring me whenever they’re back from a trip,” says Suwarno when asked about the many fedora hats hanging on a rack in the corner of his home office. It is one of many interesting details captured […]

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